Sunday, July 31, 2005

Updates: Benny Peiser, John Ray, and gardening

Benny Peiser had dishonestly claimed to have analyzed the "same set of abstracts" as Naomi Oreskes to dispute proof of a global warming consensus. John Ray has apparently been spreading a bogus quote to discredit the left. And my gardening last year left much to be desired. What's happened lately?

On Peiser: not much, which is a good thing. I searched a little while back, but I couldn't find anything on the internet indicating that he has repeated his false claim of analyzing the same set of abstracts, at least not after he'd been caught. But just because I haven't written about Peiser in a while, no one should assume that I've stopped watching.

The other good thing about Peiser is that searching his name together with Oreskes' results in very critical websites appearing high up in the results, so anyone attempting to research the issue can't help but come across the truth. Maybe the blogosphere is somewhat self-correcting, even if individual blogs aren't.

On Ray: Tim Lambert caught Ray removing an editor's note in The Christian Science Monitor, where CSM had published a speech critical of global warming and the editor had corrected a false statement saying that satellites showed no warming. I'm feeling less generous these days towards Ray than I had - if he hasn't crossed the line into intentional dishonesty, then he's seeing how far he can lean over the line.

On gardening: last year my garden was two cherry tomato plants. This year my garden is one cherry tomato plant and one tomatillo plant. Based on that vast experience, my advice is to go with the tomatillos. They (or I suppose, "it") are much less finicky than the stupid cherry tomato plants that just turn yellow and refuse to produce the required gobs of tomatoes. My housemate with the quarter-acre vegetable plot might have different ideas, but what does she know.

UPDATE: Forgot to include one more on the mercury vaccine/autism debate that I wrote inconclusively about: the claim is that autism rates are now stabilizing/falling in California several years after mercury was taken out of vaccines. The source of the info is "some guy" as far as I can tell, so take it with a block of salt and wait a few more years for the definitive answer.

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