Monday, July 25, 2005

I fail again at getting a bet on global warming

When I saw that Steve from the conservative blog Thoughtsonline had bet money against Karl Rove being indicted, I thought, "Who is this guy - I've got to get to him before James Annan does!"

Sure enough, searching his blog turned up a number of highly skeptical statements about global warming, although to be fair, he does not hold himself out as an expert. So I emailed him about my offered bets on global warming, but he responded by declining the bets.

Steve's reasons for not betting are here; I've responded in his comments. He doesn't seem like a "toe-the-line" type, so maybe the evidence will eventually reel him in.

Meanwhile, the search for a global warming denialist willing to put his money where his mouth is goes on....

UPDATE: after reading the comments, I think I should clarify that my reference and link to James Annan is primarily respectful for his work, and only secondarily an attempt to beat him to what appears to be a small-to-nonexistent pool of denialists who would be willing to bet money based on their claims. Money is a secondary issue for all of us - this is really about saving the planet.

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