Thursday, July 21, 2005

More on the Barton harassment letters - now with a cartoon!

RealClimate has an update on the harassing letters that Rep. Barton sent to scientists who reached scientific conclusions on global warming that Barton dislikes (I wrote about it here, saying Barton was harassing them but still had the right to some limited answers).

Mann's response is included at the RealClimate post, and it's more of a response than Barton deserves. Mann clearly notes that Barton has demanded Mann's private property (the computer code Mann generated), for public use, without any compensation. Some conservative - I look forward to Barton offering some level of compensation.

All in all, Barton has received a lot of flack for the harassing tone and burdensome demands, so I think this turned out reasonably well. Next time, maybe he'll be more reasonable.

P.S. This Tom Toles cartoon seems relevant here (read the small print at the bottom).

key: science, politics, global warming

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