Sunday, July 10, 2005


"Michael Moore Hates America": since I watch a fair amount of liberal documentaries, I thought I'd give the conservatives a chance too. Overall, this was better than I expected. It attacks several of Moore's documentaries, but I can't say if it scored any hits because I haven't seen Moore's films in a while, and I'm hesitant to trust what this documentary is claiming that Moore said. On the other hand, the film-maker is surprisingly modest and gives people a chance to critique him, which I found refreshing. If you're planning to watch any of Moore's latest films, this might make a good follow-up. And I should add that Moore shouldn't have ducked an interview with the film-maker as he did. For a contrary opinion, see here and click on "Dislike Mike"

"Deadwood": This TV series is as good as everyone says, although as an HBO series, it's also a graphically sexual and violent portrayal of the post-Civil War American West. Not recommended for my parents, but the quality of the plot and writing matches series like Buffy and Angel.

"True Romance" and "Sleeper": both have their moments, but True Romance is shallow and Sleeper is boring. Watch True Romance if you really need something connected to Quentin Tarantino and can't find anything else (he wrote the script). I can't recommend Sleeper except for enthusiastic Woody Allen fans.

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