Sunday, April 08, 2007

NY Times not doing its duty in showing Giuliani's idiocy

Catching one of Giuliani's stupidities, they let another one slide by:

[Giluiani] casually lumped Iran with Al Qaeda. “Their movement has already displayed more aggressive tendencies by coming here and killing us,” he said.

Mr. Giuliani was asked in an interview to clarify that, inasmuch as Iran had no connection to the Sept. 11 attacks. Further, most of its people are Shiites, whereas Al Qaeda is an organization of Sunnis.

“They have a similar objective,” he replied, “in their anger at the modern world.”

In other words, he said, they hate America.

So do lots of other people - are they all collectively responsible for 9/11?

And what the Times let slide by is this quote, "At a house party in New Hampshire, Mr. Giuliani suggested that it was unclear which was farther along, Iran or North Korea, in the development of a nuclear weapons program."

Not everyone knows the best judgment of the US government is that Iran is a decade away from a bomb. Many people will have forgotten that North Korea has already exploded a nuclear weapon. The point is that Giuliani said something that is unquestionably idiotic, and the Times didn't call him on it, or even give a reader the chance to hear a contrary position - the truth - used to chew him out.

The headline is funny though: Giuliani Says Nation at War Requires Him.

(Via Same Facts.)

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