Thursday, April 12, 2007

Maybe tears of laughter, this time

My normal reaction to another blogger getting recognized is tears - bitter, jealous, tears.

But I've got a slightly different response just this once for Deltoid's Pinata whacking not outsourced and how it's spread across the blogosphere, including some major bloggers. I was de-facto banned from Tim Blair's blog for repeatedly offerring to bet him and his commenters over whether global warming was real. The responses I saw there were no better than these commenters, who failed to outdebate a six-year-old.

And because Tim Blair shut down his comment thread, I suspect the commenters there are oblivious to how foolish they seem to tens of thousands of people. (UPDATE: Tim Blair says in the comments that he didn't shut down the thread - it automatically shuts down after a certain time period.)

Finally, this isn't a case of nutpicking - criticizing a blog based on a few crazy commenters. Deltoid's post was a proof about the commenters themselves, the crazy types that are fond of Tim Blair's rantings.

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