Friday, April 06, 2007

Eight years late, but better than nothing

Florida's Republican Governor Charlie Crist will let most ex-felons finally regain the right to vote. This addresses discrimination against African-American men, who disproportionately constituted the ex-felon population. Had this happened prior to 2000, Gore would've received far more votes, and the tens of thousands of legal African-American voters disenfranchised by the state because their names were similar to ex-felons also would have voted primarily for Gore. We'd have a different world.

On the one hand, all Crist has done is partially redress a racist, human-rights deprivation. On the other hand, this will benefit the opposing party primarily, and he probably could've gotten away with doing much less. Credit where it's more or less due. Even Jeb Bush, who seems more reasonable than his troglodyte brother, is outranked.

(via Froomkin.)

Also worth noting - Crist appears to take global warming seriously.

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