Monday, April 09, 2007

The main nuke power question solves itself under greenhouse gas regulation

The nuclear power issue simmers on, with a reasonable amount of attention to its main problem, cost. I'd like to turn around the taunt of nucleaphiliacs onto themselves - if nuclear power's so great, just what are you afraid of? Both cap-and-trade and carbon taxes will impose a cost on fossil fuel, and according to you guys, renewable energy isn't competitive. What's left then, but nuclear power naturally making its way forward.

The nuclear power cost question mostly solves itself with greenhouse gas regulation - fossil fuels will cost more and if nuclear truly is competitive, it will do well. Funny how the nuke backers are typically free-marketeers, but they want the enviros to pick and promote one particular solution.

But, there is the subsidy issue that Belle Waring raises above. The biggest current subsidy in America is the legal liability limitation under the Price-Anderson Act, contrasted to every other energy supplier's responsibility for costs incurred from accidents. Putting nuclear power on the same footing with other energy suppliers could really affect pricing.

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