Friday, March 02, 2007

I'm with Al on the travel thing, but not entirely on the house thing

I disagree with criticisms of Gore over his travel-related emissions, and I'm sure the people attacking him over his 10,000 square-foot house don't have the best interest of the environment at heart. But still, ten thousand feet is big.

David Roberts has his "Talking Points" in defense of Gore. That Al needs space for live-in security teams is legit. Office space may or may not be legit - I'll bet the Gores have office space elsewhere. It just seems hard still to add those needs up to 10,000 feet.

Buying carbon offsets is another significant point in Gore's defense, but he acknowledges that's just a backup plan - whether he's truly reduced emissions as much as possible is dubious.

In the end, it's a flaw, but a minor one compared to everything Gore is doing. I wish that all the people living in big houses did as much to help the environment, or any social cause, as Gore is doing.

(Hopefully my perspective on Gore's travelling and house have little to do with the fact that I travel a fair amount but live in a modest apartment, or with the fact that my professional work occasionally involves fighting "monster mansion" development.)

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