Saturday, March 24, 2007

General Pace shouldn't apologize, but should be fired

Thought I'd use my typical, lighting-quick blogger reflexes to comment on the two-week-old story about General Peter Pace refusing to apologize for saying the homosexual soldiers under his command commit "immoral acts." I disagree with calls for an apology, and give him the benefit of assuming it's his considered belief and not a thoughtless mental twitch. No one should apologize for what they think is right - the concept of an apology doesn't even make sense.

But he should be fired - his beliefs are contradictory to the morale and well-being of thousands of soldiers underneath him. Hiding behind the idea that he condemns their acts, not their orientation, is just ridiculous. He did acknowledge that he should not have focused on his own personal views, but it's too late. He can't be an effective leader of homosexuals who are allowed to serve in the military, and should be forced out.

(Of course, that won't happen.)

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