Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Lee Rodgers to potential KSFO advertisers: Don't start advertising with us, or we'll make you regret it!

There's a long-running implosion at the Bay Area right-wing radio station due to some local hate-jocks being caught by Spocko, a local blogger made good. Short version: Spocko posted short clips of their most offensive segments; KSFO's mouse-eared overlords tried to cover it up by shutting down his website provider with completely fake copyright claims; and then the crud then hit the fan. Longer version here (with my bonus hint to corporate tyrants: don't try and pull this stuff in the city where Electronic Freedom Foundation is based).

Part of the fallout from the controversy is an attempt by resident hate-monger Lee Rodgers to threaten former advertisters:

Responding to an email question, Rodgers declined to name advertisers that have withdrawn their support, but added: "People who want to play that boycott game seem to forget this is a sword that cuts both ways. We have plenty of people that listen to this radio station that say 'hell, if somebody is trying to shut up the people on my favorite radio station, I don't think I want to give them any money,' so it could work two ways."

Tomorrow's threatened former advertiser is a potential advertiser today, deciding whether they want to buy air time. Rodgers is saying to them that starting ads on KSFO carries a downside risk the buyer won't find anywhere else: if you ever stop advertising for any reason, Rogers or his fans may try to harm your company's brand and image.

Step into that slime pit, and the denizens will try very hard to make it difficult to leave. You might consider advertising somewhere else, where you're not punished for changing your mind.

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