Tuesday, March 13, 2007

When the right's right

(Bumping this post up, with some new links at the beginning. And with this I'm off for a week or so, going to Death Valley and getting older.)

This is an experimental post that I'll update and bump to the top of my blog from time to time - I'm going to provide links to posts/articles in rightwing blogs and media that I find persuasive (newest links at the top), usually with little elaboration on my part. As always, comments and suggestions are welcome.

The Christian Closet (about academic discrimination against the deeply religious) (yes, it's a lefty blog, but a right-leaning post, and the righty blogs have written nothing persuasive in a while) (UPDATE: academic Eli isn't quite buying this.)

Down Memory Lane (punishment Bill Clinton received for his "perjury" (not exactly perjury, but relevant)) (UPDATE: Jeff has good reasons to distinguish it here.)

Blocking Cold Cash William Jefferson (D's giving committee assignments to the corrupt William Jefferson)

Vietnam Spitting (protesters spitting on returning soldiers)

posts below from 1/19/07 and earlier:

PEER Overstates "Faith-based Park" Problem (at least half-right - see comments at the post)

EPA Employees Embrace Action on Climate (statement misrepresents all EPA signers as "scientists")

That Did Not Take Long (failure to implement 9/11 reforms) (UPDATE: overstated, see here)

Waging war on JROTC

(Mission Accomplished video)

Medical Self-Defense, Prohibited Experimental Therapies, and Payment for Organs

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