Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Glenn Beck is a global warming weaselist who wastes my time

Glenn Beck is a true idiot - I couldn't believe it when I first heard him on the radio. Normally the folksy demeanor in talk radio is supposed to be an overlay to a keen intelligence, but they messed up the formula with this guy. He's Stephen Colbert, minus the self-awareness.

He's someone I'd describe as a "weaselist" - waffling or silent or sometimes contradictory on human-caused warming, but always doing everything he can to cast doubt on the issue, or to denigrate international efforts to help the environment. Last year he did an audio program and wrote an article condemning the replacement of ozone-destroying CFCs with HCFCs and HFCs, because the latter two chemicals contribute to global warming. What he doesn't know, because he's an idiot who doesn't read through the article that he cites as evidence, is that CFCs also cause warming. The article says they cause the same amount of warming "through 2015." The article fails to note that HCFCs and HFCs aren't nearly as long-lasting in the atmosphere as CFCs though. Taking the post-2015 effect into account, the CFC replacements are about one-tenth as bad as CFCs themselves.

The part where he wasted my time was in trying to find his idiotic article. It used to be on his site, but it's well hidden now if it's still there. You can listen to the audio though, if you're masochist enough to pay for it.

UPDATE, April 4: found the link to his article finally, here.

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