Saturday, April 25, 2015

Bleg: foreigners, especially Indians or Chinese, arguing their countries should do nothing on climate because of American emissions

Bit of an experiment. I'm interested in internal climate policy debates in other countries where someone prominent takes the same position the Republican leadership is taking today, that we should do nothing because foreign bogeyman is worse, except that the bogeyman is the US. It's Indians and Chinese that the Republicans usually identify as the bogeymen, so they'd be the ideal examples.

I know the UN forums will have plenty of examples of diplomats telling other countries that they should do more or should go first, but I'm looking for internal debates that parallel Republican arguments for inaction. I realize that Chinese debates would be hard to get, but maybe not impossible, even if it's just Chinese policy academics arguing with each other.

Desmog has an okay example of Canadian officials saying Canada should act in concert with the US and not move forward unilaterally, but the ideal example would be more angry and blame-spouting. And Chinese.