Monday, July 16, 2007

Hoisting myself up from the comments - Slagle versus the WMO and IPCC

Maybe I'm a little less polite when I'm just posting comments at other blogs. I'm reposting this from a comment I left at the very good denialism blog (with some improved politeness). Denialism is taking down Mr. Slagle's misguided view about climate change.

Slagle's a fibber.

1. WMO doesn't dispute the general conclusions of the IPCC report. I"m not aware of WMO confirming them, either, but it may well have.

2. WMO doesn't say there's "no science" behind the suggested warming-hurricane link.

3. The IPCC doesn't say warming "will" cause more hurricanes.

3. WMO DOES say the science behind the warming-hurricane link is inconclusive, very much not the same as "no science."

4. The IPCC says more likely than not that warming will cause hurricanes, which is not a statement anywhere near certain nor conclusive.

5. The IPCC and WMO reports don't conflict.

6. I suspect Slagle knows this, assuming he actually read the reports he links to.

Therefore, Slagle's a fibber.

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