Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Don Easterbrook won't bet over global warming

A geology professor at Western Washington University presented a paper at a Geological Society meeting claiming that past and present warming periods were solar-caused and that we should be entering a cooling period quite soon. I don't know what level of outside review is needed in order to be able to present a paper there - hopefully it's not a journal-level peer review, or else his presentation doesn't speak well of the Geological Society.

Anyway, I sent him a betting offer weeks ago. He's acting like the smarter denialists - failing to respond at all works much better than some lame argument for refusing to bet in support of their lame arguments denying human-caused warming.

Dear Professor Easterbrook,

I read with interest your paper in the Geological
Society of America October 2006 meeting, predicting
"Global cooling should begin soon and last until about

For two years I've been contacting people who have
made similar predictions of falling temperatures or
something short of the IPCC predicted rise, and asked
them if they would bet with me over the issue. The
vast majority have refused to even respond, but about
a month ago an Australian mathematician, David Evans,
agreed to a bet. Basic information about the bet is

I would be happy to send further details, but I'm
contacting you to ask if you would agree to a similar
bet. The terms that Evans and I agreed upon should be
very advantageous to you, based on the predictions in
your paper. I am also happy to bet with earnings
going to charity, such as through the

Please let me know your response when it is

Brian Schmidt

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