Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Bay Area local post: New College in trouble

From SFGate:

New College of California, a private liberal arts school in San Francisco, is at risk of losing its accreditation for academic and ethical violations.

School administrators, under pressure from faculty, students and the Western Association of Schools & Colleges, announced that they will form a committee to search for a new president and will reconfigure the board of directors.

New College, which emphasizes activism and social change, was put on probation July 5 by the association for violations found by the association's commission...

I know some great people who went through New College, and while the criticisms are valid, the college serves an important need for people who look for an alternative education. I hope it survives.

I always thought that the alternative high-tech communities - Creative Commons, Wikipedia, Linux etc. - were a natural fit for New College, but the college didn't seem interested in them.

The sneering comments on the article's webpage are disappointing. Some people like to see other people get torn down. It's fairly universal too - the right rejoices in Air America's slow decline, and the left cackles at Pajamas Media. More of the same in this case.

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