Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Will Marc Morano or Senator Inhofe bet over climate change?

Below is an email I just sent to Senator Inhofe's communications director, Marc Morano. I'll be sure to let you all know if there's a response.

Marc Morano
Communications Director
Senator James Inhofe


Dear Marc:

This email follows a voice mail I left you two days
ago, saying I wanted to follow up about the bet
between myself and David Evans over global warming
that you've been highlighting. I see that it's just
been put up at your Senate Committee website:

(Website link here)

I have three brief points.

First, I want to thank you for directing a lot of
traffic to my website, although I find it confusing
that some skeptics think this bet at all vindicates
their position. Maybe they should wait and see who
wins the bets, and in just three years we'll start to
see who's in the process of winning. It's also worth
noting that it took me nearly two years to find a
skeptic willing to put his money where his mouth is.
The more prominent skeptics who you've highlighted,
people like Dick Lindzen and Bill Gray, have refused
to bet.

Second, you may not be aware that the category of
prominent skeptics who refuse so far to bet include
your supervisor, Senator James Inhofe. I emailed and
faxed him last summer offering to bet over global
warming, and wrote about it here:

(blog post link here)

I'm willing to bet Senator Inhofe for profit or, as
the link above says, for charity, and I'd be happy to
use the same terms as in the bet that you are now
circulating widely. I encourage you to ask him to

Third and finally, Marc, your personal dedication to
the climate skeptic issue seems to go beyond the "just
doing your job" level, something that's quite
admirable in a political staffer. Accordingly, I
would be honored if you personally would be willing to
bet me over climate change. Same terms as the bet
post you've been circulating, for profit or for
charity. The charity site in the link above solves
the problem of ensuring bets are paid. If a
for-profit is your preference, I'm sure we can find
someone we both trust to hold my money, and I trust
your word that you will pay.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Brian Schmidt

UPDATE: After Marc Morano linked to Backseat Driving for the guest post by my betting opponent,
I asked him again to bet, and heard nothing.

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