Friday, May 25, 2007

Rachel Carson should get an "American Nobel" award for public health

Tim Lambert continues to fight the endless war against right-wing lies about Rachel Carson that argue the "ban" of DDT has killed and is killing millions of children infected by malaria. I think a systematic way to fight this garbage would be to go on the offensive, and try to get some important public recognition for the millions of people she saved by limiting DDT use and subsequent mosquito resistance to it.

The Lasker Awards are the "American Nobels" in medical science. They give out awards for public service too, not just medical research, and unlike the Nobels, the awards have been given out posthumously (although it appears to be a rare practice).

Unfortunately they've stopped accepting nominations for the 2007 awards, the centennial of Carson's birth. Maybe someone was quicker than me in thinking of this idea. Regardless, there's next year for Lasker, other medical awards should also consider Carson, and when we've got a non-liar in the White House, I can hardly think of a better recipient of posthumous Medal of Freedom for her actions reducing DDT resistance.

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