Monday, July 31, 2006

Protecting against identity theft, slogging through New Year's Resolutions

As a California resident, I can tell credit bureaus to deny all access to my credit information. I did that today - it costs $30 but is a pretty good guarantee against losing money from ID theft (except from my existing credit cards, and maybe bank accounts). The only problem is that Republicans in Congress are trying to overturn this state-level protection (I wonder if they'll give me my money back), but it's here for now.

So that was one of my New Year's resolutions. Others include:

  • Finally make an earthquake survival kit (mostly done).
  • Make a living will/medical directive (done).
  • Stop drinking mochas every day (much reduced).
  • Install electric-only button on my Prius (done).
  • Convert my Prius into an El-Cheapo plug-in hybrid (borrowed books about electricity from the library. Let's call it partly done.)
  • Invest some money overseas for when the dollar crashes (done nothing).
  • Don't screw up like last year and forget to do my annual investment in IRAs (nothing so far).
  • Invest on expectations that stocks in companies building housing will decline (did nothing, I suspect it's too late now).
  • Pay credit charges automatically from bank account so I won't keep paying late charges because I forget to pay bills (did this!).
  • Renew annual resolution to learn to play harmonica (resolution renewed).

I'm not doing too badly, and I still have five months.

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