Sunday, July 30, 2006

More Alaska pictures

These aren't research-related, just being tourists.

Denali Park - backcountry had no trails. We had to cross the river in front of the caribou to get to our next glacier, and several other rivers. This river was the toughest - the only one where the current was too strong to stand and fight it. Instead you "flow" downstream with it and hope you don't stumble. It's glacier runoff, a few degrees above freezing.

Looking down into a valley with beautiful rock layers on the far side (and a tiny caribou at the bottom). For some reason I seem to appreciate geology more as I get older. No idea why.

One of our campsites.

Riding the bus in Denali at the end of the backpacking, a wolf walked by the bus carrying a caribou leg to her pups. She's the alpha female of her pack, and has been rado-collared for study by the park biologists.

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