Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Well I'll be .... Bill Gray says he wants to bet

I received a very polite email today from Bill Gray, saying he just learned of my bet "offer" (actually it's his offer that I accepted, but close enough) and is interested in making the bet, for charity. He's traveling but will get back to me with potential terms before mid-May.

I'm kind of surprised, but assuming he offers reasonable terms, then a climate crisis charity is going to have a decent chunk of money coming their way. And as for Dr. Gray, betting is a helpful way to distinguish skeptics from the sleaziest denialists, so good for him (assuming the bet happens).

I think that some denialists seized on my bet with David Evans as if it were some kind of victory that a skeptic was actually willing to put his money where his mouth was. I hope we can avoid a similar problem here by challenging other denialists to make this same bet. For folks on our side, betting against the position that temperatures would actually fall should be pretty attractive to people who support the mainstream consensus.

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