Monday, April 21, 2008

A Backseat Driving idea makes it into print

This is pretty cool - two years ago, Richard Louv wrote the book, The Last Child in the Woods, about how children are increasingly denied unstructured access to nature. Last year, I wrote a post about how the fears of frivolous lawsuits that restrict children's access could be reduced through a "Leave No Child Inside Legal Defense Fund," something that pays the legal defense costs of institutions and individuals who brought children outdoors and then were hit with frivolous lawsuits.

Richard Louv has contacted me about the idea, and now it's in the second edition of his book, right on page 243 (appropriately credited). Still not a reality, but it's one step closer to being something real.

Best part of it was what I originally wrote, "I'll just toss this idea out into the Googleable universe" to see if anything happens, and it did.

So I'll just toss the idea out into the Googleable universe that I should be paid millions to blog my random thoughts here....

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