Sunday, March 23, 2008

They pay a price for being right about Iraq and the economy

Via Ezra, Jim Henley offers his musings on why he was right about Iraq five years ago. Henley could've helped out by linking to exactly when he gave the right arguments, but I scrolled through much of his March 2003 archive and he appears to be right for the right reasons (cost of occupation mainly, a little about doubts over WMDs).

I was thinking of writing my own little piece about how and why I went wrong and sat on the fence over Iraq in 2003, but linking to Henley is better. It's interesting that people who were wrong continue to get featured prominently, and people like Chris Hitchens who insanely insist they're not wrong also get prominence, but the people who were right are ignored. Dean Baker has made a similar point about the experts warning against the housing bubble and how they're still being ignored.

Anyway, I'm adding Henley to my blogroll, as the least I can do.

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