Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Bay Area local: Spocko collects Melanie Morgan's scalp

No one's giving Spocko credit for the firing of third-tier wingnut Melanie Morgan from right-wing talk radio station KSFO here in the Bay Area, but he's done more to track the dreck coming out of there than anyone else I know of, and he fed it to the bigger media-tracking outlets. Maybe the firing was primarily for financial reasons, but her nonsense (some of it mentioned at the second link) may also have made her more trouble than she was worth. Good work - she's now much less likely to follow Michael Savage as a local export poisoning the rest of the country.

The funny thing about KSFO is on weekend mornings they have great radio shows about gardening and home repair. They should do that stuff all the time, I genuinely like it.

Via Atrios.

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