Thursday, February 15, 2007

Denialist blogger hired on to Hunter presidential campaign

Duncan Hunter, a low-rent third-tier anti-immigrant Republican presidential candidate, has hired John Hawkins of Right Wing News to do some consulting, whatever that is. Hawkins is a denialist blogger I challenged over a year ago to bet over warming, and like most of them he never responded.

And even more than most, not putting up didn't equal shutting up for Hawkins.

Most recent is a fawning interview of the "Unstoppable Global Warming Every 1500 Years" author who says the warming is totally obvious and natural (refuted here).

A month earlier gives us this post: "Just consider that the warmest year on record is 1998 and so there hasn't been any global warming for the last 8 years. Furthermore, remember that the earth was getting cooler from roughly 1940-1970, then it warmed from roughly 1970-1998 -- and since then, it has plateaued even though the amount of greenhouse gasses pumped into the atmosphere has continued to rise during that time."

If Hawkins and Hunter ultimately decide that they don't believe in global warming, they can make a little bit of money and maybe some publicity by betting me.

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