Thursday, June 09, 2005

Things I don't like about my Prius

1. Pretty big blind spot on the right passenger side. I think it's an effect of the aerodynamic design, but I nearly got in trouble before I realized it was bigger than my Honda Accord. Dealt with this problem by cranking the right side mirror way out, and by turning my head, hard, whenever I need to change lanes.

2. It's got good acceleration EXCEPT for the first half-second when you floor the accelerator, when very little happens. That half-second delay can be a little disconcerting if you decide to make a quick left turn.

3. Once, in 12,000 miles of driving that included multiple descents from the California Sierras, I felt the brakes start to get soft. I think the brakes might be slightly less robust than my Honda because it can use regenerative braking, but on a steep country road with 1,500 feet of continuous descent following an earlier descent, the battery can't take any more charge from the regenerative braking. On highway descents and any roads where the descent occasionally levels out, no problem.

4. I didn't want silver, I wanted blue, green, or the red. I thought it was stupid to wait longer just for a different color though.

Not too much to complain about, I think. But I have to complain about something...

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