Monday, June 27, 2005

They don't like betting on global warming at the FreeRepublic

Well, that didn't last long. About 90 minutes ago I posted this.
So far it's been very hard for me or anyone else to find global warming denialists who are willing to bet money that they're right.

So, it's off the FreeRepublic for me, which is about as conservative a forum as I can find. I posted this:

A lot of people posting here don't think global warming is more likely than cooling over the next few decades. Maybe some people think cooling is more likely.

I'm interested in publicizing a charity bet over global warming, found at

I think global warming will happen, and so I set up a bet that pays off to the skeptic position if the globe heats at half the rate that scientists expect, and pays off to the mainstream opinion if it heats at more than half the rate. Proceeds go the charity of the winners' choice. Anyone want to take up the bet? It's for charity!

We'll see what happens, if anything. I may have to post a few more times to attract attention.

I had posted here right after setting up the reply on FreeRepublic. It's already gone, and my FreeRepublic account has been suspended/banned (tragedy, I know). Talk about insulating themselves from reality.

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