Friday, May 06, 2005

Iraq web resources

Here are a few:

Stats on Americans killed in Iraq, by month
: This is a good way to see how things are going from the American perspective. Things got much worse last fall, got much better in February, and it's not clear what'll happen now.

Iraqi police/military killed: Another reliable stat, by month starting this year. Seven hundred so far this year.

Iraqi civilian deaths - information lacking, due to the US refusal to help get the information. Two possibilities:
1. - I don't trust their methodology and they don't count all deaths. They would be much more reliable as a source of information on trends, but they don't break their information down by time period.

2. Deltoid's discussion of The Lancet estimated death toll - A survey published in The Lancet estimate 8 to 196 thousand surplus deaths resulted from the Iraq war as of last fall, with 100,000 as a conservative estimate. This survey has survived repeated attempts to discredit it.

And finally, Juan Cole, reliable as always.

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