Friday, May 27, 2005

Financial Post letter about Dr Benny Peiser

I discovered a while back that Canada's Financial Post published an incorrect and possibly dishonest attempt by Dr. Benny Peiser to refute the global warming consensus.  I emailed a response to the Post, but as far as I know it hasn't been published, so I'm posting it below.
Very strange that Dr. Peiser wrote in the May 17th Financial Post Op-Ed that he “checked the same set of abstracts” as the Oreskes study affirming a global warming consensus, when on the exact same day, Dr. Peiser responded to me on the same question by saying, “Did I use a wider search than Oreskes? I don't know.”

In fact, Dr. Peiser does know that he used a wider search, and has known that fact since he participated in a web dialogue on May 8th. He has dishonestly repeated the “same set” argument in at least one other publication,, and if his Financial Post Op-Ed was submitted after May 8th, then he was dishonest here as well.
The websites
and lay out the proof.

Peiser’s work is riddled with flaws, and the integrity of his attack is suspect. If this is the best the global warming denialists can do, then the consensus position seems all the stronger.

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