Saturday, May 07, 2005

I'm (briefly) attacked by a semi-prominent global warming denialist! Yahoo!

Really interesting post and comments (if I say so myself) over at Deltoid. Science magazine published an article by Naomi Oreskes describing how she surveyed all science articles mentioning "global climate change" in their abstracts, and found none rejected the consensus that humans are the primary cause of recent warming. Benny Peiser did another study that he claims found 34 articles rejecting or doubting the consensus, wrote a letter to Science that was rejected, and now claims a cover-up.

Peiser revealed his list of 34 abstracts to Deltoid. I and others go through the 34 in the comments and find they don't support his argument, mostly. Peiser attempts to defend his position, briefly attacks me as spouting a "canard", and then gets showed up by someone else for making yet another mistake.

I spent a lot of time on all that, but I figure being worth a condescending comment from a semi-prominent (apparent) denialist means it was well-spent.

UPDATE: my housemate adds that Peiser can "kiss her f***ing ass" and that she will kick his f***ing ass if he ever comes around here. She thinks her argument is more effective than mine.

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