Monday, June 30, 2008

Ways in which McCain is better than Obama

This post is more intellectually challenging and shorter than one on ways that Obama is better than McCain. I also feel like doing it now before it gets too close to the election to matter. And, Obama has been disappointing lately with the FISA bill and supporting execution of rapists. Also some Democrats are going after McCain for temporarily breaking under severe torture while a POW, an inexcusable tactic that makes me feel contrary.


Anything else? This battery thing of McCain's isn't important enough. While I'm not anti-nuclear power, I don't think massive subsidies are a good idea either. I think more free trade is marginally better than protectionism, but that doesn't quite fit the non-partisan criteria I'd like to use here.

Other suggestions are welcome, especially ones that aren't along the lines of "McCain is more conservative than Obama on issue X, and I believe the conservative position is better, so McCain's better."

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