Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Matt Yglesias joins the ANWR-climate change bandwagon

He also supports the idea of allowing drilling in ANWR as a concession to get Obama's climate change plan through Congress. He even supports it for the right reason - to get two Alaskan senator votes to break a filibuster. I think it's possible it could pick up other votes too - maybe not for passage, but for getting Democratic senators to support cloture to end a filibuster.

In other Yglesias-related stuff, he views Obama's dropping out of public financing as hypocritical while McCain's acts are significantly worse lawbreaking. Agreed on McCain, but I wouldn't call Obama's action as hypocritical. I would call it promise-breaking though. Obama has some reason to break this promise, but he should be clear about it, and it's a bad precedent for his other promises, like that he would filibuster the bad FISA bill in Congress.

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