Saturday, February 23, 2008

Recognizing Kosovo's independence was a bad idea

So many organizations are called "Friends of __", but I've wanted to start something called "Enemies of Symbolism." People commit so much stupidity with heartbreaking results for no other reason than the symbolism of the act. The current case in point is Kosovo.

Kosovo already had de facto independence, or could acquire any other aspect of sovereignty short of de jure independence simply by threatening to declare independence. But instead they wanted the symbolism of declared independence. It doesn't make sense, and even if it did, it would make more sense to wait another five, ten, fifteen years to let the fact of actual independence sink in less painfully.

I can't blame the Kosovars too much, given the brutal oppression they experienced, but we foreigners had to then take the next symbolic step of recognizing their independence. The price so far is only one person dead in the Belgrade riots, but the real flash point is northern, Serb-majority portion of Kosovo.

I can't see any justification for Kosovo independence that doesn't also justify reuniting the Serb-majority part of Kosovo with Serbia.

Meanwhile, Jonathan Kulick at SameFacts has two mistaken posts in a row about this issue. The second post attempts to make an argument, denying that recognizing Kosovo provides supports to the approximately one billion other separatist movements on the planet, and labels this comment as "apposite":
"The problem is after granting independence to Kosova (which is possibly an economically unsustainable unit as a state in any case) what do you say tomorrow to Rspblika Srpska in Bosnia?"

Go f*** yourselves.

Recent history matters in terms of international sympathy.

Well, that's just great. Next step in our moral evolution after having people die for symbolic reasons is to impose collective punishment. I'd expect that over 70% of the Bosnian Serbs weren't military-age males and well over 95% of the population is innocent of war crimes. Very apposite.

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