Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hitting some tip jars

Atrios is holding a fundraiser, now in its last week. He was right about not invading Iraq for the right reason (no WMDs) while I sat on the fence, so I hit his tip jar. (Climate denialists must be scratching their heads at that reasoning - "what is this concept, of accountability if you're wrong?").

Because I fear John Mashey, I'll send a little money to Andrew Rice running for Senate against the climate denialist James Inhofe.

I donated to Obama after Hillary's loan of money to her campaign that I said I wouldn't post about any more. I'm also holding off on gloating about being right for once with my political predictions, but it's getting harder....

Last on my to-do list for donating is Talking Points Memo, the public radio of the internet as far as I'm concerned.

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