Tuesday, June 05, 2007

NASA is a bad place to be anti-science

NASA Administrator Mike Griffin claims to "think" it's arrogant for humanity to reject causing dangerous climate change to future generations. Kevin Vranes takes him apart, as do others noting that Griffin is even worse than Shrub on the issue, and the Shrub Administration had to disavow his remarks.

Griffin was the alleged saviour of NASA several years ago, by the way, and I even had some slight sympathy for the idea of replacing the 100 percent useless Shuttle and Space Station with 98 percent useless NASA manned moon base (plus vague talk of going to Mars that couldn't be taken seriously). Griffin promised "not one thin dime" of science funding would be lost to the new program. Guess what happened to that. The truly amazing Terrestrial Planet Finder telescope has been effectively cancelled, as well as the Mars Sample Return. And now the ability to study climate change via satellite is also being cancelled.

Thanks a lot. Can we have a new administration, please?

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