Tuesday, April 11, 2006

How they'll spin it, coming this August

My crystal ball showed me this speech by President Bush this upcoming August. More information on the factual background is here.

Be prepared.

Official White House Transcript

August 16, 2006

Speech by President Bush authorizing use of fission-enhanced penetration weapon to end Iran's nuclear bomb-making

Good evening.

Earlier today, I took the step that we have delayed as long as humanly possible, and authorized military action to end Iran's dangerous and illegal nuclear bomb-making program. Our brave fighting men and women have begun military operations, and all reports show that we have been successful in our efforts.

The dictator mullahs of Iran have denied they are creating nuclear bombs, but their lies can no longer be tolerated or excused. We simply cannot wait any longer. Every day that they continue purifying weapons-grade uranium brings us closer to the day when a terrorist nuclear bomb will explode in America, in Israel, and elsewhere in the West, causing countless civilian casualties. And these faceless terrorists would have not one nuclear bomb, but dozen or more, giving small groups of heartless fanatics the capacity to wage a world war. We have to stop them.

This danger to the world is not a risk, it is a certainty. The documentary evidence that the Secretary of State will present to the UN Security Council tomorrow will prove that Iranian mullahs planned to develop and distribute nuclear bombs to terrorists. We had to act, and we had to act now.

Iran's dictatorial leaders, together with some sincere-but-misguided Americans, accuse us of planning this operation for months. While we have to make advance plans, we never wanted to go forward with it. The Iranian dictators left the world without a choice.

The dictators and their misguided supporters here also accused us of planning to use nuclear bombs against Iran. Now we all have seen pictures of the devastation caused by gigantic nuclear bombs, both in tests and in the horrible, and necessary, bombing of Hiroshima that ended the Second World War. This is unthinkable - we would not use nuclear bombs such as these, and we have not done so.

The term "nuclear bomb" should appropriately belong to these massive, city-destroying weapons. To stop Iran's effort to make many such nuclear bombs, we have used something else. Typical convential weapons cannot reach the heart of Iran's weaponry program, the uranium gas centrifuges of Natanz, buried under seventy-five feet of shielding. If we were to shut down Iran's program with typical weaponry, we would have had to attack hundreds of "softer" targets, where the mullahs have made human shield hostages of their civiliam population. Or we would have had to launch risky ground operations in Natanze, causing the unnecessary deaths of American servicemen and women. Others may support the unnecessary death of American warriors defending our country, but I cannot.

The fission-enhanced penetration weapon that earlier today, breached and destroyed the Natanz nuclear bomb program, should not be considered a nuclear bomb itself. It is a destroyer of nuclear bombs and a saver of human life. The enhanced weapon does not have the destructive size or destructive intent of real nuclear bombs, and belongs in a separate class for military operations. The weapon, modified to maximize bunker-busting with very little radiation, was a success. We believe that any radiation now escaping from Natanz is from the destroyed uranium centrifuge operation, and the mullahs can only blame themselves for that problem.

With the Natanz operation destroyed, we have had to attack far fewer targets elsewhere in Iran. We believe that few if any civilians were harmed.

While it is unfortunate that we had to take this step, America and the world is better off for us having done so.

There is little chance that the Iranian dictatorship will learn from this mistake, but we know the Iranian people will see how the mullahs betrayed them and forced this attack. We extend our hand in friendship to the Iranian people, and we will gladly help them in their legitimate wish to be free.

We are all safer now, thanks to the bravery of our men and women in uniform. Our prayers are with them as they return, and we know all good-thinking people will support our troops in their own prayers.

May all our efforts for peace be rewarded, and may God bless America.

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