Monday, November 07, 2005

Searching denialist blogs on global warming

I've been offering to bet bloggers who either deny global warming is happening, or make related, ridiculous assertions that could be tested in 10-20 year bets. My bet offers are here.

My bet offers have never been accepted, and I usually hear nothing in response from denialists, indicating to me that they have no leg to stand on.

Clicking on the links below will automatically search the blogs to see if they're continuing to make ridiculous assertions. If they are, I encourage anyone to challenge them in the comments to take up the bet that they've been offered. I'm only going to list the ones who allow comments open to anyone - the ones who don't have definitely shown their own fear.

I'm including the dates to indicate when I contacted them and offered a bet:

Commonsensewonder (9.23.05)

IMAO (9.05)

Captain's Quarters (10.3.05)

Rightwing News (10.21.05)

Outside the Beltway (a "weaselblog," 10.8.05) (11.11.05 - group blog, not all posters are denialists)

Blogs for Bush (11.20.05 - also a group blog)

Tim Blair (12.19.05)

Volokh Conspiracy/Dave Kopel (6.4.06)

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