Monday, November 28, 2005

Battlebot, with a side of moron

My jaw has dropped several times in the last 6 months at the apparent mistakes by Karl Rove's lawyer, Richard Luskin, particularly the probable-accidental signal that journalists should start talking to the Plamegate prosecutor, Patrick Fitzgerald. He may have now blown it again and waived attorney work-product privilege. Firedoglake has a good run-down here of the developments.

Relevant quote:

"Is Luskin a sloppy media hound and a moron, or is he simply acting as Rover's battlebot?"

My vote is battlebot for Rove, who's trying to mix the spin machine with the legal arena (they don't mix well). Luskin is doing what Rove wants him to do. But Luskin gets awarded a side of moron, for going along with it.

America thanks him, though.

And other fronts, a corrupted Vietnam war hero/Congressman pleads guilty to a conspiracy for accepting bribes. Talkingpointsmemo is all over it. Cunningham's resignation speech is kind of moving and sad - except that I first got the idea that he was simply pleading guilty. Nope, he struck a deal in a plea bargain. A heroic admission would just accept guilt and whatever punishment awaited him (but it would be terrible lawyering).

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