Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Short pieces

There's an internet radio miniseries on global warming, available at radioopensource.org. The next show starts tomorrow, but it looks like you can download old shows at any time.

Juan Cole offers more defense of his idea of withdrawing US ground troops and using US airbases in the area to prevent a catastrophic civil war. I could see how that could work in a balkanized country without people moving between sections, but not if the country had real freedom of movement, and not in Baghdad, where all three groups live in large numbers. But I'm listening. I've also been fairly dismissive of the idea that foreign troops would replace American troops, until it occurred to me that the 80 billion dollars we're now spending might be able to buy in some real help. I'm still doubtful that short-term withdrawal is a good idea, but less doubtful than before.

key: global warming, Iraq

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