Monday, September 26, 2005

Bet offers to bloggers and others who deny global warming

I've been making offers to bet bloggers who deny global warming, or sound very skeptical of it. The bets I've offered on whether global warming will happen are here. The blogs I've contacted so far (post will be edited/updated over time):

Denialist blogs

Thoughtsonline (contacted July 2005)

IMAO (posted a comment in mid-Sept. 2005)

Commonsensewonder (emailed about 9/23/05)

Powerline (emailed 9/26/05)

Captain's Quarters (emailed 10/3/05)

Right Wing News (emailed 10/21/05) (emailed 11/11/05 - group blog, not all posters are denialists)

Blogs for Bush (emailed 11/20/05 - another group blog, so positions might vary)

Tim Blair (posted comment 12/19/05)

Melanie Phillips (emailed 1/8/06)

Planet Gore (emailed 4/8/07 - group blog with varying positions)

Ecomyths (emailed 1/26/08) (UPDATE: Prof. Smith may be interested in betting, I'll put in a complete link with his response when it gets sorted out.)

The Travis Monitor (posted comment 7/18/08)

Adding a second list: Waffleblogs/Weaselblogs. These blogs link to doubts over the reality of global warming without stating outright what their position is. I'm asking them if they're denialists and offering to bet them if they are.


Instapundit (Sept. 05)

Little Green Foothballs (10/7/05)

Outside the Beltway (10/8/05)

Volokh Conspiracy/Dave Kopel (emailed 6/4/06)

Al Fin (1/19/07)

The Corner/Andrew Stuttaford (emailed 1/19/07)

Agoraphilia (commented 3/24/07) (says human-caused warming likely, but leaves room for denial) (response from the blog here, I add comments)

Newmark's Door (commented 4/14/07) (his response here)

Watts Up With That and commenters (commented 1/9/09 and later)

Okay, I have to start a third list-

Hall of Idiots:

Wizbang (willing to bet that "natural" warming will stop - in 100 years. That's a useful prediction.)

UPDATE: removed some of the snarky language in this post - probably not helpful while trying to cajole a bet. These people need to put up or shut up, though, or at least say what they believe instead of hiding it.

And greetings to conservative blog-readers who are checking this out. I think the conservative blogs send up a lot of smoke to confuse the issue, but it's telling that there are scientists who believe in global warming and are willing to bet on it, but are having a hard time finding skeptics who are willing to back up their skepticism. Click here for more information on bets that have been offered by climate scientists. And thanks for keeping an open mind over the issue.

UPDATE 2: I've got another post for searching blogs that deny global warming, here.

UPDATE 3: I should've been keeping a list of non-bloggers I've challenged. I can't count the number but I'll put some here:

Marc Morano and James Inhofe
Tim Ball (my favorite responder!)
Bob Carter
Mark Campbell
Debra Saunders and Cinnamon Stillwell

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