Thursday, August 12, 2004

Several short items today:

I need this: therapy cures monkeys of laziness.

George Bush's character can be seen on the playing field: 3 simultaneous fouls while playing rugby, including punching another player in the face.

I caught most of the Senator Barbara Boxer/Bill Jones debate on the radio. Both of the candidates evaded answering questions, but Boxer did it so much more artfully than Bill "No Hypothetical Questions Please" Jones. My job brings me into contact with many local level politicians, unpaid city council members and the like, and many or most of them could have done a better job than Jones. People had previously thought this would be a close Senate race,
but not anymore.

Besides evading questions, Boxer deserves some criticism for using the standard front-runner tactic: this debate is the only one during their campaign, happening long before voters are paying attention. That's not serving the public, and I'd hope for more in an otherwise-good Senator.

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