Sunday, August 22, 2004

Night Vision Zoo Visits

I did the family trip to the zoo today, and seeing sleeping animals during the day reminded me of the one chance I had years ago to visit a zoo in the evening. All the big cats were up and moving, the whole place seemed so much more alive, not sad like many zoos still seem, despite their improvements.

So today's brilliant idea is that once or twice a year, a zoo should be open in the evening, keep lights to the absolute minimum, and supply visitors with night vision gear. I think it would be a fantastic experience, one that people would be willing to pay two or three times the normal price for admission.

The night vision gear would be very expensive to keep for use once or twice a year. That expense could be decreased by having the gear travel between zoos, so it gets used much more often. It would give a different perspective on visiting zoos.

(Note: how about this? Two posts in a row that don't talk about how awful Bush is ....)

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