Monday, July 26, 2004

 Fahrenheit 9/11
Finally got to see it – a tough movie for a middle-of-the-road-on-Iraq type like myself.  It’s hard to balance the chance that Iraq has for a better future (especially if we can get rid of Bush) against the Iraqi and American mothers crying over deaths in their families.  The simplest answer is to become a pacifist.  Too bad that doesn’t work either. has its own review of the movie – something of a hatchet job against the movie, but some legitimate criticisms too.  I take everything Spinsanity says with a grain of salt – they’re often reaching hard to find things to criticize – but their site can also be a useful counterweight to whatever they're reviewing.

I'm glad the movie is out there, in any event.  It shows Bush is an idiot, again, and that's enough to make it worthwhile.

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