Friday, July 30, 2004

Convention afterthoughts

I think Kerry's speaking style has improved a lot, sounding much more like a human being. Six months ago I listened to him and Lieberman sound so artificial in comparison to Edwards. Now he's okay.

I turned on the radio on Tuesday and listened to Barack without knowing who he was. He started slow but really built it up. Definitely the best speaker I heard (haven't listened to Clinton's speech yet). I hope he lives up to expectations. I've thought that if the Republicans are ever smart enough put an African-American on either spot on the ticket, they're guaranteed the White House. There is one exception that prevents that guarantee though - if the Democrats do the same thing.

No indication that the Democrats adopted Edward's idea of hiring 100,000 probation officers. The Democrats are not making it easy to find their party platform, but here it is, I think. I thought platforms were huge; this is just 41 pages. Oh well.

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