Monday, April 02, 2012

National Review tosses out the racist John Derbyshire

Just announced a couple of hours ago.  Took them two days to do it, they couldn't openly admit that it was over racism, and Derbyshire's done this before, but still I'm glad they took action.

I take Derby at his word that he's been feeding his poison into his teenage sons, and that's pretty sad. May they have experiences as adults that open their minds.

IIRC, Derb was one of the relatively few NRO conservatives that would come swinging against the creationists.  I think he's not one of the worst climate denialists, although hardly a science believer.

These guys are just weird.

UPDATE:  might be worth mentioning the poisoned racist roots of National Review in the beliefs of William F. Buckley.  Buckley btw is claimed to have overtly renounced his overt racism in the 1960s - I have never found any proof of that other than secondhand statements by others, years later, and a rather half-hearted statement by Buckley himself in 2004.