Thursday, January 06, 2011

The housecleaning:global climatic disruption analogy

I've been giving this analogy a lot of thought.

Current housecleaning situation: not bad. Everything I own is scattered on the floor, where it's easily seen and retrieved. I just release whatever I'm currently holding and no longer want, and pick up the thing I do want.

The problem is this isn't sustainable into the future. I know to a near certainty that if I don't do something to mitigate the floorhouse covering, then Global Housecleaning will occur, and I'll be forced to adapt. Adaptation is definitely suboptimal, because things will be Put Away where I can Never Find Them Again.

The analogy to climate mitigation also works, because I can avoid Global Housecleaning through the mitigation step of putting things away myself, which results in a slightly better chance of being able to find them. However, I don't like doing this, and I still have trouble finding things that are put away, so even though I know it's better for all concerned to lead with mitigation, what I end up with is often adaptation.

I suppose I could be mitigating right now, instead of blogging. Or maybe I can do that tomorrow.

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