Sunday, October 17, 2010

Salvaging climate action in one-eighth of the US, and other stuff

I've felt a little guilty about not doing more to fight Prop 23, the Texas oil company initiative to kill California's fight against climate change. I've been busy, although I have been talking about climate change in my campaign. The one thing I did do was send some money their way, and it would be great if anyone reading this would do the same. California is one-eighth of the US economy, so what it does is important. Tesoro, Valero, and Koch brothers are attacking California for a reason, so fighting back is important.

Related stuff - a great interview by Rachel Maddow with climate denialist/(apparently former) HIV denialist/radiation enthusiast Art Robinson. How she keeps her sense of humor is beyond me. At the same link is the video debunking of Robinson's Oregon Petition that fraudulently claimed 32,000 scientists dispute climate change.

And yesterday, I was precinct walking for my campaign and a nice old man in slippers invited me into his living room. He was an arch-conservative, couldn't stand Obama, and convinced that climate change is only natural. Then he said that based on his gut reaction to me, he liked me and would give his vote to me. My reaction: I'll take it!

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  1. I once walked the precinct collecting signatures to get some libertarians on the California ballot. I needed signatures specifically of registered Libertarians. Often when I got to some address I found the libertarian there had moved and the person I was speaking to was registered with some other party, but I was amazed to find how many of these people just didn't care at all about issues or parties but still liked the idea of "being included" in the political process. I met several who were happy to change their registration to libertarian just so they could sign my petitions!

    Being in a campaign gives one a warped view of the importance of politics and issues; a lot of voters just want to vote for somebody who "seems nice" or somebody they've met. Good luck in your campaign!


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