Sunday, May 16, 2010

Warmest Jan-April in NASA GISS temp records, this year

Data here. The Jan-March 2002 was neck and neck with this year, but not with April included. Quite likely to be a record year.

UAH is also warm, with 1998 still running slightly ahead, but temps cooled significantly at the end of 1998. Spencer (at link) blames El Nino for the current warming, without noting that the current El Nino isn't nearly as powerful as the one that drove the 1998 temperatures (see here for a chart showing 1998 with warmest El Nino on record and comparison to this year's). How can we be neck and neck according to his own calculation, when the natural factor is weaker this time?

The 12-month temperature record established a month ago (which is actually more statistically important than a calendar year record) is probably extended out for another month, but someone would have to check.

Per usual, the issue is how this all fits into long-running statistics: one more tiny piece in a mountain of evidence for human caused change.

UPDATE: more on the same topic from Joe Romm.

UPDATE 2: The KrugMan is also picking up the theme. I think the strategy is to keep this up, each month as the records continue, and hopefully it will start penetrating the national consciousness.

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