Thursday, May 07, 2009

Elizabeth and John Edwards

So Elizabeth Edwards has a book, John Edwards' campaign is being investigated to see if campaign funds were used to pay off his mistress, and Maureen Dowd actually writes a good column for once about them. Dowd has always had a way with words, but uses it only to poison and tear down anything she writes about. Maybe it was better this time because she pulled in the claws somewhat when writing about a terminally-ill woman she has to respect.

Dowd has one question about Elizabeth that maybe I can answer - what does Elizabeth hope to gain from writing the book? It's to be something more than a patsy, an empty shell for John's ambition. As a former Edwards supporter who got taken in, I can understand the need to explain that you're not just doing whatever he wants. Although, mostly, she did do just that. Understandable in the context of their relationship, but she still made a mistake in not absolutely forcing a halt to Edwards' campaign.

With that, I'll finally remove from the link list on the left side of Backseat Driving my non-working link to all my posts on the Edwards blog - one last insult from that campaign, that we can't even find what we all contributed to it. While it had some benefit in pushing Obama and Clinton in a progressive direction, overall it's just kind of sad.

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